Hustle and Motivate: Blog #1 - Making "Sumthin Outta Nuthin"

First off, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and everyone that has visited the site so far. It's been a lot on my plate trying to manage and scale things on my own. Chasing your dreams is and never will be a simple endeavor. It takes time, sacrifice and most importantly commitment. This I know for sure because I have been in pursuit of the abstract outcomes of being a creative for some time now which has led me to seek to cultivate my desire to add qualitative and meaningful content and value to the world at large. I strive to be a productive individual that values the wealth of wisdom and virtue, and shares those values that I hold so closely.

Good Munny, has nothing to do with the amount of money you have or peoples materialistic desires as much as it is a qualitative suggestion that denotes "sufficiency". When someone gets their dream job, people would say "they making good money now", or in slang terms if somebody asks you if you would like to a slice of pizza after you had already eaten a slice of your own, one would respond "I'm good money bro". This is a concept I've been developing since circa 2007 and a staple in my life's work as a mentor, musician, and educator that comes from my roots in the inner city. Growing up socioeconomically disadvantaged and generationally impoverished inspired me to seek stability and way out of the constraints of my environment. Motivated by the beat of the street and the spirit of hip hop, despite all odds I seek to make a way. A way that wouldn't lead me away from communities that I've been apart of but a way out of the struggle so many face in those communities, lack of production. Making music was and is a hobby of mine that is derived from me seeking a "safe space" from the streets. A place that would keep me free of the criminal activity, and the unprecedented violence of police brutality.

Cultural production through making music and merchandising my street fashion products is how I seek to keep make a difference and leave an impression, which is why I encourage others to continue to grind if they do already or, to do so if they have yet to begin. In my case, these are the fruits of seeds sewn from Urban Hope, as well as home cooked from the Walltown community in Durham that taught me how to make something out of nothing. Shout out to the home team, and shout out to you for reading my first blog post. Check out the music in the music section or Apple Music ("Good Munny") and stay blessed. Peace

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